About us

After a long time working together on their previous separated ventures, Dissonance started their journey together on October 2017 when their debut track "From Dust" sparked the curiosity of connoiseurs worldwide. The duo kept surprising many with carefully crafted atmospheres that absorb the listener into the vibe of the track, creating an emotional and energetic connection between listener and music.

Throughout the last four years, Dissonance has evolved its sound while keeping its essence intact. A journey that has not only been artistic but also personal. Though both members are originally from Zaragoza (Spain), destiny separated them in 2018 by displacing one of their members permanently to Bonn (Germany) and its second member temporarily to Munich (Germany). This exposition to a whole different scene, lifestyle and culture heavily influenced Dissonance's style and continues to do so.

Their characteristic and ever-evolving style has served them to release in renowned labels such as legendary producer Dirty South's Phazing and Sebjak's Bibliothèque including official remixes to both of them and additional singles in the latter. This journey has also taken Dissonance on diverse labels such as The Dirty Playerz' GHRZ, Anderblast's Rambla and Jose De Mara's Arcadia Music.

In 2020, Dissonance announced the creation of their own label ALT14, where they release their most personal and unique sounds with a carefully picked aesthetic.